Aviator Air Flight School is a full service FBO and flight school located at KGPM in Grand Prairie, TX. Here at Aviator Air Flight School, we have a rich legacy of service and exceptional flight instruction under the current leadership of Brian and Samantha Messersmith. We are committed to serving our clients and community while continuing to be a source of aeronautical education with a focus on flight safety and quality academics.

Our goal at Aviator Air is to provide superior service and quality flight instruction. We ensure this by consistently striving for excellence; both as a full service FBO and as an exemplary flight training academy. We continue to be a useful source for DFW's elite collective of professional pilots.



  • Chase Blackwell
    I recommend Ray Maldonado hands down. If I hadn’t moved away from DFW last year, I would still be taking lessons from him. Absolute professional in every way.
    Chase Blackwell
  • Robert Heller
    My son and I looked for a flight school for several months and decided on Aviator Air. One of the best decisions I have made. I earned my private certificate there and am now working on my multi, high performance and complex ratings along with IFR at the same time. Like others have said, everyone there treats you like family.
    Robert Heller
  • Sarah Hoffman
    Great instructors, great maintenance, many options for planes. Highly recommend
    Sarah Hoffman
  • Seth Wiersma
    They are the best. I don’t think you will find any other flight school better than them in the DFW area. Worked on my PPL with them.
    Seth Wiersma
  • Danielle Lintner
    I have received training for 3 different ratings at Aviator Air and must say, this school is fantastic. The owners, flight instructors, office personnel and even the dispatchers are solid, reliable people. The planes I have trained in are always in good condition, and the training I have received has been fantastic. I highly recommend this school, I wouldn’t want to train anywhere else!
    Danielle Lintner
  • R.B. Moleno
    In my opinion best flight school in DFW. Never seen a bad thing said about them. Did my PPL there and doing instrument now. Owners are fantastic and all the CFIs are awesome. Planes well kept and lots of options. Towered airport but not too busy like Addison. Give them a try, u won’t be disappointed
    R.B. Moleno
  • Jeffrey Dallas Korum
    I had a bad experience. Just kidding, they're great just like everyone else is saying! I actually moved here from MN and only rent from Aviator Air so my experience is slightly different, but they really are a good shop. Don't paralysis by analysis bog you down; just go with Aviator Air.
    Jeffrey Dallas Korum
  • John Parker IV
    I did private, Instrument, Commercial there. Owners are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet highly recommend.
    John Parker IV
  • Daniel Millican
    I went to AviatorAir for my IFR training and loved that I could choose either 141 or 61. The planes were excellent and well equipped with both glass and dials options. But most of all the people were excellent to work with. Highly recommend.
    Daniel Millican
  • Anthony Alexander
    Great school! Great owners, great flight instructors and they have well maintained planes!
    Anthony Alexander
  • Robert Heller
    Ray and Jimmy at Aviator are great instructors. I haven’t flown with anyone else at Aviator over the past year or so but know they only hire the best. I earned my certificate with Aviator and am currently working on my complex, high performance, multi and IFR.
    Robert Heller
  • Jeffrey McCoy
    They’re good people. You’ll enjoy your experience there. I tested and issued the A&P licenses to the owner and every mechanic that’s worked there for the past 10 years
    Jeffrey McCoy
  • R.B. Moleno
    Honestly no bs they’re all phenomenal. If you’re at aviator you’re with an instructor that’s been vetted by management and multiple prior chief pilots. They’re all excellent. Go try a few out and see who you vibe with. I have flown with Ray Maldonado Jimmy Bivans Payton Scarth and Diego Suarez and I find them all to be fantastic and unique in their own ways
    R.B. Moleno