How can I book a discovery flight?
Please call the office line at 972-988-8609 to schedule your discovery flight. Our availability varies from day to day and we require a payment at the time of booking.
How long does the private pilot program take?
All our programs are done at your own pace; therefore, it is up to you how long your training takes. Our students that are flying 2-3 times a week will typically finish their Private Pilot rating anywhere between 4-6 months
How many days/hours a week should I dedicate to training?
We recommend flying at least 2-3 times a week on top of studying at home.
Do you offer an accelerated program?
Unfortunately, we do not offer accelerated programs
What is the cost of each program?
Please see the under “Flight Training” for each ratings breakdown. Please note that the cost breakdowns are not exact, but rather an estimate for you to budget based on the minimum hour requirements set by the FAA. Many pilots need additional hours of training before they are ready for their checkride.
Do you have in house financing?
Unfortunately, we do not offer in house financing, however, we do work with Flight Training Finance as well as Meritize. You can find further information under "Financing".

What do I need to get started?
To get started you will need to arrive in person and fill out a Rental Agreement as well as provide two forms of government ID's, one must be an unexpired US passport or a US birth certificate. Please note we will not accept incomplete paperwork or paperwork sent via email.
What are the start dates?
You are more than welcome to start or stop training any time you would like.
How do payments work?
We are an hourly, pay as you go flight school. You will pay hourly for the aircraft and hourly for the instructor on top of that at the end of each lesson based on the aircraft’s HOBBS time.
When can I come tour the school?
We offer tours of the school Monday through Sunday between 10AM and 6PM.
Are your aircraft rates wet?
Yes, our aircraft hourly rates are wet.
How many instructors will I have?
You are in charge of your own schedule and you may pick your own instructors. We recommend having a primary and secondary instructor.
Do you accept the GI Bill?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept the GI Bill.
I have my own aircraft; can you provide instruction in it for me?
YES! We can certainly provide instruction in your own aircraft. The instructor rate will be $75 an hour.