This course prepares a pilot for flight conditions under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and requires additional instruction structured towards intensive training in flight solely by reference to instruments. This rating entitles the pilot to fly when the visibility and ceilings are low and weather conditions are marginal. We use an online based computer program for the ground training portion and a combination of our flight simulator and aircraft for the flight portion. Hours and cost below are based on the minimum hours required by FAA. Pricing below is based on Part 61 training with the pilot having 50 hours of PIC Cross Country time completed prior to beginning training. Rates listed are cash paying rates.

(10) hours of flight time in our Cessna 172R, G1000 & G3X @ $175.00 per hour w/ saftey pilot$875.00
(10) hours of flight time in our Cessna 172R, G1000 & G3X @ $175.00 per hour$1,750.00
(30) hours of flight & ground training with our instructor @ $65.00 per hour$1,950.00
(20) hours of flight time in our Redbird flight simulator @ $70.00 per hour$1,400.00
Training books and software estimate$400.00
FAA Aeronautical knowledge written exam$175.00
FAA Designated Examiner flight and oral test fee estimate$800.00
Renter’s insurance estimate$300.00
Estimated total cost$7,6500.00