This course is the primary base of aviation careers. This will allow you to act as Pilot in Command of a single engine aircraft day or night in VFR conditions. You will be able to carry passengers in a private capacity, not for hire. We use an online based ground school that was built around the aircraft we use for your training. Here at Aviator Air Flight School we have three aircraft options for you to choose from to obtain this rating. Below is the cost break down to achieve this rating based on (40) flight hours which is the minimal flight hours set by the FAA, the national average to complete this training is 55hrs. We have financing available from Flight Training Finance and Meritize. Rates listed are cash paying rates.

Private PilotSee Table Below
(30) hours of flight & ground training with our instructor @ $65.00 per hour$1,950.00
Training books and Sporty's software ground school estimate$400.00
FAA Aeronautical knowledge written exam$175.00
FAA Designated Examiner flight and oral test fee estimate$1,000.00
Renter’s insurance estimate$350.00
Estimated total cost if completed in Cessna 172R Nav 1 @ $190/hr $11,475.00
Estimated total cost if completed in Cessna 172SP G1000/G3X @ $195/hr$11,675.00